TEDxLivermore 2016 was amazing. Our thanks to the participants, fantastic speakers, speaker coaches, performers, volunteers, stage & production crew, Las Positas College, and all the vendors who made this event a success.
— TEDxLivermore 2016 Planning Committee

Press Releases

June 19, 2016. For Immediate Release.  

Join us this Saturday, June 25th, for TEDxLivermore at the Barbara Mertes Center for the Arts.

The Economics of Empathy ~ Empathy as currency for building community

Register at:  http://tedxlivermore_2016.eventbrite.com

At home and abroad, our world appears increasingly divided. Income inequality, global and domestic terrorism, mass migration of displaced people, escalating racial tensions, and an increasingly partisan and incendiary political environment are just some of the challenges we are facing. If ever there was a time for empathy, it is now.

 Join us to hear speakers from the bay area, California, and around the globe as they share how empathy impacts decision making, how virtual reality can create an exponential increases in empathy, how small gifts can make life-changing shifts, and more. 

June 16,  2016. Press Release

See Empathy - TEDxLivermore Speaker Uses Virtual Reality to Teach Empathy

Alexandra Ivanovitch, Simorga CEO, XPRIZE Visioneer, to Speak at TEDxLivermore 2016

LIVERMORE, Calif. (June 16, 2016) –  Alexandra Ivanovitch, Ph.D., CEO of Simorga, will be speaking and demonstrating Simorga’s virtual reality (VR) technology as part of TEDxLivermore 2016 on June 25th at Las Positas College in Livermore. 

May 31, 2016. Press Release

Say Empathy – Livermore Talks about The Role of Empathy in Community-Building

Local TEDx Event Wrestles with the Role of Empathy in Building Community

LIVERMORE, Calif. (May 31, 2016) – How do communities use empathy to evolve and innovate?  How is empathy fostered within communities and how can it build or divide them?  How might communities resolve conflicts when differing perspectives are viewed through empathy?

Find out on June 25th at TEDxLivermore when global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, innovators and scientists present their ideas on the theme: “The Economics of Empathy: Empathy as Currency for Building Community.”