TEDxLivermore: Creativity Uncorked!


It’s hard to believe that our last TEDxLivermore took place last year!   We are so thankful for our wonderful and dynamic speakers, incredibly helpful volunteers and engaged attendees who took it all in and gave it right back with their warmth, enthusiasm and support.

An attendee wrote on our Facebook page:

“Thanks for the inspiration TEDxLivermore and speaker Donna Stoering, music really is a great communications channel.  After Saturday, I turned on classical music for the kids’ carpool and observed them start talking to one another about it.  I also turned off the TV while making dinner, turned on some piano music and enjoyed connecting with my husband and daughter.”

Uncorking creativity doesn’t have to be a life-changing adjustment; it can be a small shift or incremental in nature.   We invite you to share your efforts to uncork your creativity in the comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.   So get busy!