Why do I TEDx? To Connect to the Community

    by Stacy Drury


by Stacy Drury

"Why are you here?"  I've been asked this question many times and - to my detriment - I've always struggled with a ready answer over the years - no matter the context. 

Why is it so difficult for me to share myself?  Bottom line - I don't like being judged - even when I'm very certain the results will be in my favor.  I'd rather just fly under the radar.

My inability to respond appropriately to this question cost me a great job opportunity - but I look back and see many positive outcomes around this turning point in my life.  One amazing result - I had the opportunity to meet Rosalind Hamar at a local Livermore event which resulted in my involvement with TEDxLivermore in 2013. 

So short answer... My primary motivator was a need to be connected to the community while I was in between jobs.  Happy chance - very quickly I came to respect the core team members even though we come from very different worlds.  

From an engineer's standpoint - dropping into a group of individuals that are motivated by something other than project milestones is a challenge!  I had to work hard to understand viewpoints that were 180 degrees out from my own and to learn how to inspire/motivate people without authority (leading a group of volunteers is its own beast!).

So why am I still here?  I've had subsequent jobs since then - other consulting opportunities as well - but I'm still here.  So why AM I still here?  Bottom line - it is because of my team members.  They continually have Ideas Worth Spreading and visions that are worth supporting and pushing forward.  Whether we are focused on education, creativity or empathy - there is always a valuable message to be heard. 

What might motivate you to get involved in TEDxLivermore?

Whatever your reasons, I invite you to join me, join us, and volunteer for TEDxLivermore 2016.  

We need you! And hopefully, you'll find you needed us.