TEDxLivermore 2013 was a huge success thanks to everyone involved. We couldn’t have done it without your support – from a volunteer role to a financial role to an attendee role. You, all of you, helped make the day exceed our expectations. And our expectations were pretty high!

A BIG thank you to…


– the speakers who inspired us to seek out ways to use innovation and education for the greater good. The lessons they spoke of encouraged us to seek ways to shape and create the best future possible for our community and the world. Engaged in dialogues they made possible, we thank them as we continue discovering ways to make a difference.


– the performers who demonstrated innovative ways to showcase their talents. We applaud their performances, are awed by their passion, and are grateful for their commitment to the arts. We recognize their greatness and thank them as they pursue their artistic endeavors.


– the sponsors who believed in our vision and who chose to be at the center of the change. They recognized a need and stepped in to fill it. They supported and encouraged us to put on the best event possible. Committed to the community, we thank them for being notable businesses filling needs today and in the future.





– the attendees who recognized their attendance showed a commitment to seeking out ways to engage collaboratively with education in their communities. They knew it was about demonstrating to others that by working together we have the power to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals. We thank them for being part of something bigger than themselves.


– the volunteers who supported our effort on the hottest day of the year. Their willingness to help wherever needed made a great difference to the success of the day. We thank them for volunteering their time and we hope they will volunteer again this year!



You are all part of the collective TEDxLivermore family, a family looking forward to this year’s program with the same fervor as last year’s. We are forever grateful to all you helped us accomplish as we plan for 2014. Driven by inspiration and forged by the elevation of ideas, we look forward to having you uncork your creativity with us this year…

TEDxLivermore Talks